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"HARMONY"  This is the collage that got me going. I was just making one for my fridge.  I was in a time of transition and the Merton quote in the middle speaks about our freedom in making life choices. The
collage is filled with beach images - and we moved to Florida later that year! Months after making it I realized it was really a prayer.

"LISTEN"  This was my first prayer for the year after moving to Florida. My time of transition was unfolding into a time of adventure. The quote coming from the hand is a Hebrew phrase that speaks of our having a divine portion to share with the world.

"STATEMENT OF FAITH"  This was a significant collage for me. Not a prayer for the year, I was challenging myself to express my faith without words. It was a wonderful exercise. The images are within a mandala (circle) which is a symbol of wholeness or completeness.

"THE VESSEL"  A vessel is an archetypal symbol for the feminine. I was curious to see how a collage in that shape would "speak".




Statement of Faith

The Vessel

"THE SACRED FEMININE"  A variety of feminine symbols are combined in this collage. I love the quiet dignity of this piece.

''SACRED JOURNEY'' Another prayer for the year, this collage features a threshold. The words are: Your life is a sacred journey. You are on the path.

"POWER & PRESENCE"  This collage combines images that express the presence of God: wind, cloud, fire, water, and radiant mountain.

''MOTHER GOD'S SONG''  This collage is the result of a deep experience of God as Mother. Imagine yourself as the child enfolded by her song and her care.

"THE MARRIAGE BLESSING"  The original of this collage was a wedding gift for my nephew and his wife. The words at the top say: May the roots of your love grow very deep. My your love widen and embrace (new) others. May your love grow in fullness, over time. May your home be a place of joy and peace. May your home be a haven and a place of rest.

The Sacred Feminine

Sacred Journey

Power & Presence

Mother God's Song

Marriage Blessing

''NEW HORIZONS'' The original was a graduation present for the daughter of a close friend. The quote at the bottom reads, ... Our divine portion requires nurturing and development. In a very real sense, we are duty-bound to become who we were meant to be in this world, so that we can offer our unique gifts back to the world. (from ,'With Roots in Heaven,' by Tirzah Firestone)

"ROOTED WOMAN / FIELD"  This woman-tree speaks of openness to the world, connection to creation, of joy, compassion, and strength...a deeply rooted woman.

"ROOTED WOMAN / DAY & NIGHT"  The white woman tree was the pattern for the tree in Rooted Woman / Field.  When I put the white tree on the black and blue papers - I knew she was a "keeper".  Women who have been through major transitions really resonate with this image.

''THE CLEFT'' This dark night of the soul piece reflects an experience of being held and sheltered in God's heart...even while in a hard place. A friend of mine recently gave this to a friend of hers who is struggling with cancer.

"THE FUTURE UNFOLDS"  The quote at the bottom reads: "This is the ultimate creativity - following the lead of the deep soul as we make a life."  Notice the triangle which is a symbol of goals, dreams, and revelation.

New Horizons

Rooted Woman -

Rooted Woman -
Night & Day

The Cleft

The Future Unfolds

"TRAVELING MERCIES"  The original was a wedding gift for my godson and his bride. They love to travel so the images and the blessing speak to that.  The quote at the bottom reads: "As your journey together continues and your marriage path unfolds... may you have every traveling mercy and more blessings than you can hold."

"TIKKUN OLAM"  Tikkun Olam is a Hebrew phrase that speaks to each of us having a piece of the healing of the world that is ours to do. This collage represents an offering or intention.

"BE YOURSELF"  Because vessels are a feminine symbol I had been collecting them. I decided to put a variety of them together and named it "Be Yourself" because of the variety. Which vessel are you?

"SATURDAYS"  I came across the calendar segment in a magazine. As soon as I saw it I knew I would need to play with it. Three Saturdays in a row... aaah!

My granddaughters and I have been building fairy houses. That is what prompted this piece. There is ancient lore that links fairies and butterflies. This collage makes me want to smile and say, "Look carefully."

Traveling Mercies

Tikkun Olam

Be Yourself



I don't play the violin but for some reason violins were calling out to me. They remind me that the strings alone cannot make the music. They need the inner resonant chamber. For our lives to 'make music' we also require an open inner life. Interior sacred space.

This hospitable journal book welcomes you to spend time (leisurely) with the thirteen collages and the reflective thoughts that accompany them. One reader suggested reflecting on a collage a week. Another said in a time when she needed inspiration she would select the one that “called out” to her and listen to what it had to say. The title page says, “May you see and hear something new each
time you open this book.” May it be so. It is meant to be picked up again and again. Enjoy!




New Leaf

Meditations of the Heart
newly released book


These works of art are photographic prints of original paper collages. All images are copyrighted.

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