I began by making collages for my own inspiration. This led me to make collages each January as a prayer for the year.  Soon I found myself “translating” things I was reading, processing ideas and convictions through this creative visual form.

Collage art allows a unique combination of images and symbols. It challenges me to articulate without using words. I find the union of symbols to be very compelling.  The images make their own statement and seem to have their own voice. Many of the symbols are ancient so they speak to a deep place within us.

I am awed by the Presence of the Holy in the midst of Life. The dignity and strength of the Sacred Feminine is significant to me. My art is a form of spiritual expression. I invite you to find your own meaning in these images.

Judi is available to lead workshops and retreats.

Judi Creneti





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    Nov 5th
          American Society of Interior Designers Trade Show
    Nov 21st
         Creative Arts Association of Lakewood Ranch Show
         Lakewood Ranch Town Hall


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